Who Are We

Blackrock EMI is a company built by engineers focused on meeting the needs of our clients. Our vision is to be the chosen employer of the most talented individuals and to parlay their practical experience and technical knowledge into a company that delivers world leading, practical solutions to any problem that industry needs solved.

Our values are conveyed from our name to our actions:

Integrity; is who we are.
We build company and client trust though respect, understanding and communication.

People; are our greatest asset.
We act to ensure their happiness and success by providing a healthy and rewarding work.

Knowledge; is our strength.
We strive to continually improve industry knowledge in all fields through experience and education.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE); is what we do.
We act to ensure our solutions and actions hold HSE of paramount importance.

Quality; is key to our success.
We endeavor to deliver excellence in all that we do.

Sustainability; is our responsibility.
We consider the business, society, environment and the future in everything we do.

Industries We Proudly Serve

Power: In this era of uncertainty, utility companies face tough decisions about existing generation facilities and tough decisions about where to make their next capital investment. Shifting regulatory, financial, and political realities make development decisions harder than ever for power generators. Whether you are in the planning stages, considering plant upgrades, or ready to implement a capital addition, our power staff can help take the guesswork out of every project. Our power generation expertise has helped companies meet generation planning, owner’s engineer, and design needs. Our services span from the plant power block to supporting infrastructure. By combining our planning modeling tools with our design expertise, we can lead you to the right project and optimum financial outcome. The result: maximized operations with a keen eye on revenue.

Oil and Gas: The downstream oil and gas market of refineries, petrochemical and chemical facilities is an active market in North America and worldwide. We recognize there’s not a one-size fits all approach to upgrading or assessing operations at a refinery or petrochemical facility, because each one is unique and impacted by a multitude of factors.

As refineries respond to changing regulations and alternate feedstock supply sources, we provide permitting, compliance and infrastructure development support.

Commercial: Our planning and design professionals work with developers and communities to support their efforts from the origination of a concept through the design, construction and delivery of a finished product. We provide a full range of development services; the due diligence needed to make initial decisions on the validity of a project; the visioning and outreach needed to help mold preliminary concepts; the regulatory expertise necessary to procure entitlements and permits; and the site planning, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering and urban design services involved in producing a comprehensive design of a development or redevelopment project.

Development and redevelopment are changing, with burgeoning demands for community outreach and public involvement, greater need for environmental and ecological analysis and conservation, the ever-increasing complexity of regulations, and the on-going need to integrate myriad technical and financial issues. Our planning and design experts support developers at every step of the development process. They also provide access to the depth and breadth of knowledge found among our employee owners, ensuring that we can provide our developer clients the best technical advice and services at all points of the development process.

Latest News

Supporting the Food Bank

Blackrock EMI is pleased to once again give back to the community through a donation to the local Food Bank.

Successful Outage

Blackrock EMI employees are proud to provided engineering support for the Brazeau Unit 2 outage.